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Hunting and Shooting Accessories Reviews For The People By Us


Welcome, whether you are an avid hunter a recreational shooter or a hardcore prepper. We hope to provide you with information that you will find useful, and even save you from making some of the mistakes we have in the past.

We are a small group of friends and that have been called “Gun Junkies” more than a time or two. So we figured why not share some of our experiences with the interwebs and hopefully help some of the newcomers interested in these topics.

The reviews we post here are all based on personal experience from owning or getting hands on time with the items in question. So we will not post a good review about an item that we do not believe in even it we get items from a sponsor you will get our honest opinion.


There will be a small batch of reviews to start with but we will do our best to update as regularly as we can. We have been working with a few budget red dot sights that we have but will be moving to more advanced equipment as we move forward with this site. Plans are in the works for testing different holsters for both concealed and open carry, as well as smaller day trip packs and larger bug out bags with a breakdown of the items we would pack in each of them.